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With DirectSTEP® you will:

  • Provide your staff with real-life examples to apply to their day-to-day decision making, avoiding missteps and disputes with parents – and preventing costly hearings and court cases
  • Redirect countless hours developing staff training sessions into other critical activities
  • Save your organization from spending money on staff travel and bringing in costly one-time trainers
  • Have peace of mind knowing the content is created by education professionals and attorneys specializing in education law
  • Receive the highest quality training developed by respected experts
  • Learn at their own pace for the greatest possible comprehension and retention
  • Take courses you assign based on individual training needs
  • Make decisions that are legally and educationally sound

What Sets Us Apart?

DirectSTEP® has been specifically designed for education professionals whose priority is to provide high-quality services to children and their families. We are committed to providing authoritative research-based online training that merges education law with real-world application. Our eCourse curriculum offers an unmatched training solution for your staff.

Only DirectSTEP® online courses are backed by LRP Publications’ well regarded team of experienced special education attorneys, editors, Washington Bureau journalists, analysts and experts from all over the U.S.

DirectSTEP® offers:

ON-POINT CONTENT. eCourses explain legal requirements and best practices for behavior management, autism, IDEA eligibility, IEPs, Title I and more. DirectSTEP® teaches staff how to handle critical education issues to obtain positive outcomes.

FLEXIBILITY. eLearners proceed at their own pace, and you choose the course topics that meet each staff member’s training needs.

COST-EFFICIENCY. No travel expenses and lost work days. eCourses can be taken any time on any computer.

ENGAGING SESSIONS. Quizzes and activities keep the eLearner engaged and increase comprehension and retention.

IMPLEMENTATION OPTIONS. Our staff helps you determine the best options to implement training in your organization. Individual, group (computer lab) or blended delivery options are available.

ACCOUNTABILITY. Course completion certificates are available for each eLearner, and outcome and course completion reports are available to your chosen administrator.

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